An Introduction to Visual Thinking @ Sydney Agile Coach Meetup - May 2018

Visual Icon Safari Workshop

Working with markers and working digitally.
We were invited to showcase visual thinking techniques at the Macquarie Innovation Lab. The event was packed with over 70 people! The crowd was primed for an evening with markers and some light refreshments!
Why Be Visual? We are visual by nature! 50% of our brain is devoted directly or indirectly to visual processing. Around us, pictures are used to sell, excite, convey and communicate.

Do you find yourself in front of a whiteboard and would like to try some new visual skills? Do you facilitate meetings? Would you like to learn how to visualise your ideas to help your team see the bigger picture and get work done?

Drawing together is the best way to communicate efficiently and should be part of any great company culture. Simple confident, lines will enable you to facilitate your next meeting with inspiring drawings.

Come to the… Visual Thinking with Ink Workshop!!

Get hands on with markers, paper and learn some visual techniques you can use next day.

Martin Ruckert

Michael Saunders, meetup leader kindly introducing Martin before the visual thinking meetup kicked off. A few refreshments helped kick start the evening.
Visual Icon Safari is an activity that engages a team to create incrementally build a complex visual icon for a specific theme.

It is a great introduction with working with a marker and also using visuals in a team to create meaning out of complexity.
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