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A graphic recording review of 2017

A great friend of mine had a saying "Attack the Day", meaning make the most of every day. During 2017, I have stretched myself to accompany some amazing speakers with graphic recording.

I want to share some of the significant pieces I have created over the last year.
selected collaborations
These are illustrations from events I have been fortunate to be invited to support.
nomoss co. Scrum Master Training, 2017
An all day visual support of the training session. Capture the key messages after the powerpoint presentation was finished.
"Automation Mindset" : Justin Urbanski 2017
Important messages to improve the use of Automation in software delivery.
Agile Governance - Lunch Talk : Stu Mitchell 2018
We ran a lightning talk in house, subsequent to this our talk was accepted to Agile Australia 2017.
"Agile Governance - Evolution or Revolution" : Agile Australia 2017
Was voted in the top 5 talks at the conference and the only talk with visual support.
"Creating a culture of feedback": Sarah Wood, 2017
A lasting image from the presentation and over 100 likes on LinkedIn.
All Hands Insight Series : Innovation Review
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